This is Beyond Brackets and Pixels Design.

Just a one lady operation in Somerville, MA. Born in late 2012 and making its arrival on the interwebs in early 2013.

Nice to meet you.


All In A Name

It’s pretty simple, we use quite a few brackets and braces in web design, we deal with many a pixel in graphic design. This is more than just a little of each and quite more besides.


Behind the Curtain

jessieHi, I’m Jessie. Nice to meet you.

Shall we make beautiful designs together?

My Backstory

After studying Linguistics at BU I went out into the real world and ended up here, in design land. I’ve been supporting graphic design, digital typesetting, and web design in some way, shape, or form since 2007. Beyond the human languages I studied in college, my fingers speak HTML, CSS, and a few others. ┬áThe Adobe CS suites and I are old pals. CMS-powered sites have entered this picture too, including WordPress (like this site) and MODX.

Beyond Brackets and Pixels is my solo design effort, although if you need a developer I know just who to ask.


You can find me at jessie at bracket and pixels dot com.